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Software package the Photographic watermark

Software package the Photographic watermarkThe software package "the Photographic watermark" is intended for Embeddings of the latent watermarks in photographic data carriers on a firm basis - photographic paper, a film, plastic cards. The software package is realized in programming language C in the environment of Borland Builder. The program interface provides input (reading from a disk) and preservation of files of images in Graphic formats BMP and JPEG. The graphic size of files no more 2048x2048 pixels. At visualization and preservation of files of images in format JPEG The task of quality of a picture-container in range Q=50 is possible. 100 %. Factor of strengthening of the watermark, providing change Stability (робастности) watermarks, it can be set within B = 1. 5000. For performance of processes of embedding and restoration of watermarks Buttons "Embedding" and "Restoration", accordingly serve. Procedures of input and transformation of images are accompanied by visualization of video of the data basically Software package window.

For control over the built in data, the current picture of a watermark is visualized on the left panel of a cover of a software package. The basic computing procedure Programs is direct and return two-dimensional transformations of Fure which is realized by means of algorithm of fast transformation.

In the drawings presented more low, results of work of the program are shown at image input (fig.1), performance of procedure of embedding of a watermark in the container (fig.2) and procedures of restoration of the latent information (fig.3):

Input of the initial image-container
Fig. 1. Result of loading of the image-container in a software package.

Result of embedding of a watermark in the image-container?
Fig. 2. Result of embedding of a watermark in the image-container.

Result of restoration of a watermark
Fig. 3. Result of restoration of a watermark.

Examples of embedding and restoration of watermarks hidden (WMH) in different types of paper

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