Системный анализ оптико-электронных телескопических комплексов высокого разрешения. Физическое моделирование волновых аберраций.

(Physical simulation of optical-electronic system (OES) of high-resolution)

OES example:

     Input Data for Simulation:
Diameter of a primary mirror [mm]
Shielding Coefficient  
Focal distance [mm]
Wavelength [mm]
Defocus [unit of Wavelength]
X Tilt [unit of Wavelength]
Y Tilt [unit of Wavelength]
Coma [unit of Wavelength]
Angle of Coma [degree]
Astigmatism [unit of Wavelength]
Angle of Astigmatism [degree]
Spherical Aberration [unit of Wavelength]
Const [unit of Wavelength]
Width of cell CCD [mKm]
Heigth of cell CCD [mKm]
Bit capacity of the Analog-Digital Conversion [bit]
Nois RMS [quantum]
CCD Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) [data curve]

A. Example of average parameters of OES:
Diameter of a primary mirror 350
Shielding Coefficient 0.32 
Focal distance 4250
Wavelength 0.00066
Defocus 0.05
X Tilt 0.07
Y Tilt 0.03
Coma 0.07
Angle of Coma 30.3
Astigmatism 0.1
Angle of Astigmatism 17.5
Spherical Aberration 0.02
Const 0.06
Width of cell CCD 12
Heigth of cell CCD 8
Bit capacity of the ADC 11
Nois RMS 3.5
Curve of CCD Modulation Transfer Function

fn - Nyquist frequency

Phase Pupil Function:
Optical Transfer Function:
  Optical MTF:
  Optical PSF:

Simulation Image:
Image Section:
PSF Restoration:
MTF Restoration:
Optical Resolution:
Visual Resolution:  105 [1/mm]

B. Degenerate Defocusing: D = 0.75 λ
C. Degenerate X-Titl: Lx = 1.5 λ
D. Degenerate Astigmatism: A = 0.5 λ
E. Degenerate Coma: C = 1.3 λ
F. Degenerate Spherical Aberration: Sa = 0.4 λ
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