system analysis of telescopic
complexes of high resolution.
estimation of resolution and MTF
filtration, restoration and synthesis of the images
digital holography => watermarking

Michael V. Smirnov

internet solutions
probabilistic analysis of the forex
protection of the information carrier
Russian version
The programmer of company PetroMramor, the head of Division CGI Internet Solutions and SEO.

Skills: CGI/Ajax, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Borland C++, Delphi, JavaScript, JavaApplet, DHTML. Main direction of activity - development of interactive sites, on-line/off-line manager of Web-content, Electronic shops, databases MySQL, the software in Borland C++, development interactive CGI applications in Delphi environment.

Scientific officer(1982-1999) of the Vavilov State Optical Institute.The basic direction of activity - simulation of optical-electronic systems of supervision and remote sounding, an estimation of resolution,computer synthesis of test images with which includes for deformations of wave front of real optical-electronic systems. Example of such systems and images received with their help is the site of the company .

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Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Web Applications and Solutions